How long do sessions last?

60 minutes, but if you’re team does not have a strict schedule we’re happy to run longer by 5-10 minutes as fun doesn’t always watch the clock.

How many people?

For team-building sessions, groups of six or more people.

For groups of 25 people or more, we suggest doing it in two sessions so that individuals get more of a chance to shine, but that’s at your discretion.

For agile coaching, group sizes are limted to 6 – 16 people.


What platforms are you on?

Zoom and MS Teams.


What is the difference between a team-building and agile development coaching session?

The team-building sessions have been designed for a group of people to have fun together and fun, and is suitable for groups who know each other a little or a lot,

Agile coaching sessions are designed for an existing team that already works together to learn how to improvise together.

They are fun and playful, but also more focused and ask more of the participants.

A team-building session is like going for a night out, whereas agile coaching is more like training with your sports team.

How many sessions should I enroll a team on for agile development

The agile benefits come with repetition, so ideally a team would do one hour per week for a number of months.

Obviously, that’s quite a commitment especially if you haven’t worked with us before.

The team-building aspects of these sessions come straight away, so as a taster you could simply book us for four weekly sessions and see if you like it.

Social Dynamics

We always talk to the person making the booking about the social dynamics of the group so that we can adjust the experience.


Our experiences work particularly well if you’re welcoming a new colleague to the team.

A Culture Games team-building experience is a chance for everyone to have fun together as work relationships are being forged.

Will I learn to improvise in an agile coaching session?


What do you mean by agile?

A mindset that is supple, flexible, and embraces change.

We’re not referring to the software development methodology.